On Greed

I am a lazy lout. If I post two days in a row, I know that I am mulling over things.

I return to my post of yesterday. I have alway been a fan of the old saying:

Greed is not bad, and stupidity is not bad, but greed and stupidity combined are very bad.

Here is another take on greed: it is good until it becomes sociopathic greed.

Sociopathic greed is the sort of greed that gives no consideration to its own survival. It is the parasite that kills the host — and most parasites are too smart to do that.

For example, take football. Each team is greedy. It wants to win. It is good that both teams may knock a few heads, use some elbows, and do whatever below the belt. All part of the sport.

Consider what would happen if one team arrived with firearms and offed the other team. In their own eyes, they would see themselves as the winners. On the other hand, it would not do much for the sport in general. Sooner or later there would be no more football.

I think the same may be said of societies.


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