Seven Dirty Words

George Carlin was one of my favorite comedians. His death got me pondering again his famous (or infamous) Seven Dirty Words. It has always struck me that his seven dirty words all relate to having sex or sitting on the toilet.

As he used to say, all the other words were acceptable for television, right?.

These words include kill, murder, slay, execute, assassinate, terminate, massacre, eradicate, cleanse, call in, dispatch, zap, polish off, ice, kavork, pop, smoke, blow away, do in, take out, postal, swat, bogart, extinguish, annihilate, slaughter, do up, hit, whack, scratch, waste, off, snuff, liquidate, butcher, lynch, dry-gulch, burke, and gank.

Lest we forget, Holocaust, Killing Fields, and Darfur are acceptable too.

I will leave it to the philosophers whether, in a world of scant resources, it is better to kill than to give life.

As I’ve said before, though, the kids will always figure it out. My hunch is that if we showed them more tits and dicks, and less whacks and hits, we might live in a different place.

Rest in peace George. You will be missed.


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