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The kids always figure it out.

Posted in Violence on February 23, 2008 by cheappaper

And so it begins.

I’ve Snoped this and can’t find anything. Don’t know if anyone knows the real story. I read a web article some time back. I can’t find it now. Probably before I discovered As I recall, there was a rural community that had a statue in one of its public parks. The statue was of two children having a water fight – one using a hose and the other a water pistol. It had been there for years.

Apparently the water pistol looked like a real gun. A part of the community concluded that the statue sent the wrong message to the town’s children. That is, that guns and violence are acceptable. The group urged the community to remove the statue or, at a minimum, alter it to remove the water pistol. A community debate ensued.

Remarkably, some of the individuals opposing the statue resorted to violence to get their way. The statue was vandalized, apparently more than once. Finally, the artist who made the statue agreed to modify it and remove the water pistol from the child’s hand. The artist’s decision appears to have been made, in part, as a result of the vandalism to the statue.

So, if I understand it right, if we oppose violence and people disagree with us, we’ll beat them up until they agree with us that violence is wrong.

But maybe I’ve got it wrong.

I’m sure the local kids have it figured out.

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